Check In

So, been a while since I updated this blog. Sorry about that but every time I sat down to write a post, I didn’t know what to write about. I mean there is a lot I can say, I just wasn’t sure if it was worth saying. Anyway, it has been almost two months since school started and I am pretty much doing ok, but I know I need to do better. Most of my classes I have a high C low B average right now, but I know that is because I have not given school the effort I need to give it. I need to get my grade up because I would really like to get a scholarship next year. My job currently pays for school but I would like to take a leave from my job to finish my degree and I can’t afford to pay for school to do that. So a scholarship would go a long way.

I am taking two on campus classes right now. One is a huge class and I have not made an effort to meet my instructor one on one. This is especially important because she teaches the introductory class to the program I plan on going into. The second class is basically a public speaking class that the school of business put together as part of its major. I am pretty sure both of my instructors are younger than me so that’s interesting. I don’t have a lot interaction with the other students one class because of the size of the class, but I have had some interaction with students in my public speaking class. Surprisingly, they all tend to be traditional students. With it being a night class I thought for sure there would be non-traditional students in it. There are quite a few foreign exchange students in my class who don’t speak English well. For some reason when our teacher tells us to pair up with someone knew, they tend to come to me. Maybe the 30 something lady in the back of the class is less intimidating than the students who are actually their age. I don’t know. The class is small and it is actually run by the theater department so we do a lot of warm ups like actors and this creates a more intimate setting and allows more interaction and I am enjoying that.

I keep saying I am going to look into learning some coding but I haven’t even started that. I did join some meetup groups but have not yet been able to join in an actual meetup. That is the next step for me. I am also currently looking for a new job, so there’s another time consuming task that I need to take care of.

Right now I am thinking about doing a series of posts aimed at people who are considering going back to school. Just to give advice on the process and what to expect and find resources for making the decision. I will probably start the series the last week of October so if you are someone still exploring the option of going back to school, keep an eye for that in the next few weeks.